Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is a district level body created under the ITD component of NATP for pilot testing of Agricultural extension reforms. This is as an autonomous institution with participation of Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Sericulture, Dairy and Marketing are the key stakeholders involved in ATMA activities for sustainable agricultural development.
E- ATMA web portal will help online monitoring of all ATMA activities with all stakeholders from Block to State level.

State Level

Define all state level activities, activity unit cost norm and annual physical
       & financial targets.
Assign activity wise annual physical & financial targets and funds to the
       district level stakeholder as per their Demand Action Plan.
Monitor all District and Block Level activities.

Block Level

Update BFAC, BTT, BTM, SMS and Village wise Farmer Friends
Update Farmers and Commodity Interest Groups.
Update FIG/CIG primary data.
Categorization of FIG and CIG
Define activity wise annual physical financial targets
Prepare Block wise annual action Plan
Enter activity wise beneficiary details

District Level

Define all District level activities, activity unit cost norm.
Prepare Block wise and District annual Action Plan
Block wise all Activities MPR with beneficiary details
Monitor all Block Level activities.